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The Divine Wrist Mala was originally created by Bree Divine in the summer of 2019. The wrist mala has 36 eight millimeter white howlite beads with pyrite spacers and a ten millimeter jade "guru" stone in the center. The wrist mala has a charm at the end with a seasonal charm. This season's charms are: jade and tourmaline.


Divine Wrist Mala

  • Howlite is used for reducing stress, and reducing levels of anger that may be around or directed towards the wearer. Howlite is great to wear at night as it is thought to reduce insomnia and unburdens an overactive mind. Howlite also strengthens memory, and works to clear a pathway for activating the higher self through the crown chakra. 

    Pyrite is a powerful protections tone which shields and protects the wearer from vibrations that may be harmful to an empath, or highly sensitive person. It stimulates intellect and also enhances memory.

    Jade is abundant with benefits including heart opening, luck, emotional healing, and love. The soothing energy of jade is useful when eliminating negativity and opening ourselves up to love. Jade also reduces self-imposed limitations.

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