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Coaching in: The Six Perceptions of Love, Twin Flame Healing,

& Divine Mala Breath Work 

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When I read books about love to help my marriage, they didn't make sense. Why should someone tell me what language my love is? Do our needs not vary day after day? Does love imply a need or lack?


If I have an expectation on someone else to fulfill my love-needs, is that truly love? Is that authentic love?


It didn't feel right to me that I could be placed into a category by an "expert" that says,


"According to your permanent characteristics, your list of needs are unique. This means that you need to find a compatible partner or your current partner must be aware of your needs and fulfill them in order for you to be happy."

I was already feeling disempowered and this advice was not helping. So, I abandoned all books on love and decided to write my own.

It dawned on me that for the first time, my thesis worked. I broke through the barrier of what my heart wanted in the deepest pain of my twin flame marriage. The road map and guide that I cried for out in my darkest hours birthed itself through my journey.

The Six Perceptions of Love is a theory that was given to me by God in the form of patterns. I do not claim to own the consciousness of this divine pattern, however, I do claim ownership of my writings as this theory was birthed without influence of any books or authors.


In 2016 I was shown patterns and energy that I didn't know how to put into words. In 2017 I began the brave journey of attempting to put this information onto paper.


The beauty of this was that every thought-form I wrote created a ripple into my personal life, showing me more personal and universal truths in patterns.

I see these patterns as a kaleidoscope. Everyone has their own patterns and beautiful mosaics, kaleidoscopes, and art created by their very own patterned lenses which we see life through. This theory of the Six Perceptions of Love is the very best I could do to show with words and my actions the patterns that I saw.

The Six Perceptions of Love was not only a gifted observation through "divine download" (and patience from my angels and guides), but an experience that I've journeyed and now embody as medicine.


Because of this recorded journey and application into my life, I am a way-shower of the Six Perceptions of Love.

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